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WB 8th March: International Women's Day

March 8th : International Women’s Day
To celebrate International Woman’s Day, here are just a few pieces of music to listen to that have been written or performed by female musicians and composers.
Ten Pieces
This month we have been learning about the composer and performer,  Anna Meredith. Here is another of her body percussion pieces being performed at the Proms:

This term’s School Value: Courage
Manani Ito is an extraordinarily courageous, Japanese-born violinist. Aged 20, Manani tragically lost her right arm in a car accident and was convinced her days as a violinist were over. After surgery, she went to collect her prosthetic arm at a facility and noticed that other people with similar disabilities were using their artificial limbs to play sports, such as basketball. Spurred on, Manani spent hours practising her instrument with her prosthetic arm and developed a unique new way of playing.

Science Week
The Planets 2018:
In 2018, to celebrate 100 years of Holst’s Planet Suite, composers and scientists collaborated to create a new set of pieces about the planets – this time based on Science rather than Astrology.
This whole project is fascinating, but the new version Mars is particularly interesting to compare to Holst’s Mars that we were listening to last month.

Where Holst painted Mars as the “bringer of war”, scientists now know Mars to be a rather serene planet, so Deborah Pritchard’s piece for Mars is a cold and stately piece. I wonder which you prefer.


Also …

Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka is the daughter of Ravi Shankar who were listening to in December. She is a world famous Sita player.

Delia Derbyshire:

Last year we learned about the composer Delia Ann Derbyshire who was an English musician and composer of electronic music. She carried out pioneering work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop during the 1960s, including her electronic arrangement of the theme music to the television series Doctor Who.

Nina Simone:
Legendary performer Nina Simone sang a mix of jazz, blues and folk music in the 1950s and '60s. Here she is singing I Wish I Knew:

Miriam Makeba
Zenzile Miriam Makeba nicknamed Mama Africa, was a Grammy Award-winning South African singer and civil rights activist. In the 1960s, she was the first artist from Africa to popularize African music around the world. She is best known for the song "Pata Pata", first recorded in 1957

Errollyn Wallen
Find out more about Errollyn Wallen, the composer our music room is named after

Jessie J:  
Last Summer, we sang Price Tag in the Virtual Big Sing last year. Listen To Jessie J singing live: