Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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School Nutrition Action Committee (SNAC)

What is SNAC?

The School Nutrition Action Committee is a working party of children and adults, formed to help review our school food culture and develop and implement an action plan. It is a way to bring different members of the school community together to make positive changes to our school food environment.



Meet our members!


I wanted to be in a club. I want to help make changes. I think we should try different foods 

from around the world. 




 I want to be part of a group and try out foods from different countries. I want to encourage people to try different foods.



I wanted to try different food and help people

eat healthy. I want to make sure everyone

has a healthy lunch.



I like cooking. I thought we would get to have meetings and talk about food. I would like to make sure we have healthy food. I also think it would be good to serve some of our own food.


I wanted to try lots of food and see what other food there is in the world. I want to make sure everyone has a fruit snack. We could provide for those who can't get one at home.