Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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At Drake Primary School, we want pupils to have a passion for history and to develop a sense of curiosity about the past, understanding how and why people interpret it in different ways. Thetford’s rich historical context ensures that our pupils will gain much historical insight from the local area. From our studies of Boudicca and the Iceni to our focus on Castle Hill, we will ensure our curriculum is often focused on the history on our doorstep.

Our pupils will develop the ability to reflect upon, discuss, debate and evaluate events and periods of the past and know that we can learn about the past through a variety of sources. We will also teach children to question critically, looking at the opinions and sources of history thoughtfully. We want children to use their knowledge of history and the world to enrich their understanding of the present and widen their view of what is possible.


We include a range of approaches and experiences within our teaching of history. Many year groups use Ancient House Museum in Thetford to support and enhance their history focus. Trips to the British Museum, Norwich Cathedral, Strangers’ Hall in Norwich, Castle Hedingham and West Stow also bring history to life for pupils. Visitors have also transformed the school hall into an Ancient Egyptian palace and the playground into a Stone Age camp.

Through this approach, we aim for pupils to develop an excellent knowledge and understanding of people and events from a range of historical periods. We also ensure that, when teaching about significant individuals, we study both men and women from a range of cultural backgrounds. Our class names feature pioneering individuals who have contributed positively across history. Our cross-curricular approach will give children opportunities to read historical texts and sources and write at length about their experiences.