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Autumn 2

Information Technology: Creating Media


Reception have been exploring the technology in their new classrooms. They have been using their Smartboards to make marks and answer questions, and have started to use iPad applications like 'Doodle Buddy' to draw pictures. 

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning all about word processing, focusing primarily on 'Google Docs'. With support, children have begun logging into Chromebooks and opening up browser-based software. The children have also explored which fingers are most appropriate to use for certain keys. 

Year 2

Year 2 are using technology to take and edit photographs. They discussed composition and subject focus before using the iPad's camera application take pictures of their environment. They have also considered whether to take photographs in landscape or portrait mode to best accommodate their subject. They will be moving on to introductory photo editing via 'Pixlr'. 

Year 3

Year 3 are exploring stop-motion animation, first with post-it note flipbooks and then with the iPad app 'Stop Motion Studio'. Children have explored the app together and have thought carefully about image composition and animation quality. 

Year 4

Year 4 are editing audio this half term. They are using the browser-based application Soundtrap to record and edit their content. They are aiming to develop a podcast about their learning for Radio Drake. 

Year 5

Year 5 are developing vector images with 'Google Drawing'. They have discovered how to make and manipulate basic shapes and colours, but will go on to explore layering and effective composition. 

Year 6

Year 6 have been analysing high-quality websites and trying to get a sense of the medium's core functions. They have begun to plan and build their own sites using 'Google Sites'.