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At Drake, we want all children to learn to be confident speakers of another language. Learning a foreign language enables an opening to other cultures and viewpoints. It allows pupils the chance to experience the lives of others. Learning a new language also gives value to the other languages spoken by Drake pupils who are already speaking another language than English.

At Drake, we wish pupils to enjoy and value other cultures and languages and wish to broaden their curiosity and understanding of places beyond their local area. We want to children to be able to express themselves in another language and communicate practically, widening their opportunities to travel and work in other countries.

By the time our pupils leave Year 6, we would like them to be confident and enthusiastic speakers, readers and writers of another language.


All children will learn French throughout Key Stage 2. Pupils will have a weekly lesson in French which will consist of a variety of experiences and learning opportunities. They will be given chances to read, write and speak French. They will always hear and listen to French spoken by native speakers and practise and consolidate their own skills.

Pupils will learn about the culture, festivals and lives of French speakers. They will learn songs, have chances to speak with increasing confidence and develop their vocabulary.

In Year 6, the pupils will be given the opportunity to travel to France for a residential school visit. Here, they will experience France fully. They will be speaking to French people and exploring shops, markets, museums and activities. They will read and converse in French and have opportunities to experience French culture completely.

Additionally, as part of their focus on Mexico, Year 6 will learn some initial simple phrases in Spanish. This will enable them to compare vocabulary and verb forms with French as well as experiencing a language they may go on to learn in high school.