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Technology Council

"Our mission is to help the school community with technology and introduce new technology into the school."

Our top tech tips:


Ryan (Year 2)


"Make sure you rest your eyes and take regular breaks from the screen."


Emily (Year 4)


"If you make a mistake halfway through the sentence, you can use the left and right arrow keys to go back through the text."


Oliver (Year 5)


"You can use CTRL + C together to copy and CTRL + V to paste."


Santiago (Year 5)


"You can save your website favourite addresses (URLs) in your browser toolbar by using the "bookmark" tool. This means you can access them without having to retype the address."


Maksymilian (Year 6)


"If you have a new enough computer/ storage You can update Windows 10 to become Windows 11 for free. First, go to the start menu and then click on settings. Then click on Windows Update to see if you are illegible."


Eliana (Year 6)


"While in a word document, you can hold the CTRL and A keys down together to select everything that has been written. This is useful because you can delete everything if you want to start over, or you can make other changes to all of your text at once. You can use this in other programs, too."