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1st March 2021


Dear Families


Welcome back to Drake Primary pupils, everyone is back on site ready to learn and play.  I am sure you are as excited about our world getting back to near normal as we are. In order to maintain a safe site, students will be using external doors to access the school building and remain in class bubbles wherever possible (unless it is detrimental to the learning or wellbeing of the child and additional mitigations can be put in place). The school day will be staggered but we will ensure a full day for all children. Drake Primary School will cease to provide daily lessons on line from Monday 8th March. All pupils will attend school on site. 


Please note that we do provide a free school meal for all children in years Reception, one and two. Simply choose your meal on our Pupil Asset Parent App. The school receives additional funding when key stage one and reception children order a school dinner.


As always, we know we have your full support in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus in our school community. We would ask you to continue to;

  • avoid using the narrow path to the north of the school buy using the nearest gate as you come to school, drop off all children at that gate.
  • wear a face mask at all times when collecting or dropping off your child/ren
  • ensure children and adults have washed their hands before coming to school
  • avoid using the play park until the end of the school day
  • maintain social distancing of 2 meters at all times
  • only one adult to accompany children to and from school
  • wherever possible older pupils should walk to school unaccompanied
  • all gates are open in good time for 8:40 start and until 8:55 please ensure you arrive on time
  • park at the leisure centre and walk down to the relevant gate
  • only bring named slippers or trainers, packed lunch and water bottles, wear PE/Forest school clothes as needed
  • contact school through the office account  - parents should not come onto the school site


To ensure we can start lessons promptly and reduce risk of transmission please avoid chatting with other parents as the site will need to be cleared promptly to allow other year groups through the gate.


We are looking forward to seeing all the children back on Monday 8th March.

With kind regards

Louise Rosen

Head teacher





School places during lock down.


Drake Primary School is now at capacity.


Please read below information from Norfolk County Council.


The children of critical workers and vulnerable children are eligible for a school place but you must contact your school to arrange this. Do not send your child to school until you are invited to do so.

Schools across Norfolk are facing increased pressure for places during the current lockdown, with many families requesting critical worker places.


Norfolk County Council is working with education leaders and other local authorities in the region to develop prioritisation criteria – so that children and families with the greatest need are able to access learning in school.

It is likely that in some schools this will mean both parents are expected to be critical workers, with priority given to those whose parents work in emergency life-saving services.


Although the national criteria preivously stated that only one parent needs to be a critical worker to be eligible for a place, it has updated its guidance as in many schools that would mean nearly every child could still attend and schools simply cannot manage that at this time. The guidance now states that both parents should be key workers.


We would ask parents, carers and businesses to do all they can to support schools and the lockdown – it’s vital that staff in the NHS can access places for their children in the current situation and so they will be given priority.

All children who are not eligible to be in school will receive remote learning. Your school will share arrangements with you.

If you need any further support ring NCC customer services on: 0344 8008 020

Drake Primary School

Covid-19 Online Provision update: January 2021

If school is closed or if a child has to be absent because of Covid-19 testing, all teaching and learning will move online from day 3 of the closure. 

(Please note that the online provision is not for use by pupils who are absent from school for any other reason and not for pupils who are unwell.)

Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will use Google Classroom and the pupils have their own nsix email address and login. They will already have logged into the classroom at school.

Years R and 1 will use Tapestry.

All teachers will be at school during any lockdown measures in normal school hours to teach keyworker and vulnerable pupils in person as well as taking turns in year group teams teaching, setting work and marking online.

Teachers will teach the Drake curriculum as normally as possible. We will continue to pursue our mission, vision and aims and promote a curriculum of joy and curiosity whatever the circumstances!

Google Classroom for Years 2-6

Pupils will access:

  • A suggested weekly timetable of activities
  • A mixture of live (on Zoom or Google Meet) and recorded lessons from class teachers
  • Links to teaching videos and online content from the government’s Oak Academy learning platform as well as other websites (BBC Bitesize, etc)
  • Online learning activities for children to complete independently
  • Online learning activities for children to complete with some support from a family member
  • Suggestions of activities for families to do together
  • Special days and activities, assemblies and events (Sports Day, etc)

Tapestry for Years R & 1

Pupils will access:

  • A timetable detailing when zoom live lessons are scheduled
  • Suggested activities to support learning set through the activities function on Tapestry
  • Resources to support home learning
  • Links to websites and additional learning opportunities 
  • Suggestions of activities that families can do together
  • Special days and activities, assemblies and events

Online access

Please contact the school office if you are unable to offer your child access to the online provision so that we can plan to provide you with support in the event of any closure or self-isolation.

These guidelines have been superseded by Guidance on 4th January.


Coronavirus – Daily update to all early years, children’s social care, schools and further education providers



New restrictions from 5 November - how they apply to school


Education and childcare settings: New National Restrictions from 5 November 2020

How New National Restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) impact education, childcare and children’s social care settings.


The government has updated their advice and you can read this here -

Autumn Term 2020

Welcome back everyone, thank you for your tremendous support with all the new and complex arrangements for the term. As we had opened to all year groups at the end of the summer term, the majority of pupils were confident and raring to go from the first day! For some pupils especially those who are new, there was a lot to take in. All teachers and support staff are keeping a close eye on the children.  


When the swimming and music begins again you know we are getting back to normal. Mrs Booth and Mr Hughes have shared times and arrangements for these aspects of the curriculum. We have posted risk assessments on our website for any activities that pose a greater risk of transmission of the Covid 19 Coronavirus. If you have any worries then please email the school office and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


We have reviewed all risk assessments and adapted in light of lessons learnt  from the  summer  term, adding outdoor hand-washing stations and seeing all our friends. The children have behaved wonderfully, and it is a real testament to you all that we have had outstanding attendance this week with a tiny number of pupils absent.  



The Government has translated their guidance for parents and carers with children in nursery, school, or college in the autumn term.

The guidance is now available in the following languages:

·         Arabic

·         Bengali

·         Chinese – traditional

·         Chinese – simplified

·         French

·         Gujarati

·         Polish

·         Portuguese

·         Punjabi

·         Romany

·         Somali

·         Turkish

·         Urdu

Parental Feedback

We would like to thank parents for your positive response to the reopening of school. We have received some lovely positive feedback:


“I appreciate these are very difficult times so thank you for everything you and all of the staff are having to do, I can’t imagine that it’s been easy.”

 “Thank you so much for all the updates & information you are giving us, you are doing ONE AMAZING JOB!!”

“The organisation by the staff at Drake school was brilliant and social distancing was adhered to by everyone outside. I was very anxious about him going back but he was excited on the way and very happy upon collection. The schools are doing their very best in an impossible situation and I thank each and every staff member.”

“The staff were fantastic, I think everybody was probably a bit anxious this morning including myself but there was nothing to worry about and my child had a great time being back.”

Our fantastic Key Worker rooms