Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Recovery Curriculum

We are focusing strongly on mental health and well-being. We have re-established routines and expectations recognising that the children need opportunities to spend time with their peers and teachers and get used to being separated from families during the day. We are planning learning experiences which allow opportunities to focus on social skills and interactions and to discuss their emotional needs. We are continuing to teach children about the importance of good hygiene and are allowing time for these routines to become familiar with the children.


We are teaching the curriculum according to the year group that the children are currently in. We identify knowledge and skills gaps and provide some pre-teaching or interventions as required for individual children. When teaching a new unit, we cover the basics using knowledge of the children to include any prior knowledge expectations from their previous year group (therefore missed teaching). This ensures they that they are equipped to work towards the appropriate curriculum content. Using quick and accurate assessment we adapt planning and therefore particular units may have more coverage than others as we aim to give the children opportunities to acquire and master new skills and knowledge. Using the 'Ready to progress' Maths support documentation, we have prioritised particular skills as a focus for teaching whilst still providing opportunities for the wider aspects of the maths curriculum.


We work with individual or small groups of children to address any misconceptions or gaps in skills and knowledge that is not required for whole class teaching. Throughout 2020/21, we will use our normal summative assessment strategies to identify needs that may be restricting access to the full curriculum. For example, if a child does not recognise their numbers and understand place value, this will have an impact on all calculation skills and so will need to be addressed.



The reception children had an extended transition into school in smaller groups of 15, so that they could be fully supported to learn the routines and expectations of school and build relationships with adults and peers. This has allowed for those who have had an extended time at home due to Covid to feel safe, reassured and supported and has also enabled staff to get to know children very quickly and complete school based baseline assessments.


Year 1

Year 1 will continue to use Tapestry to assess their learning. They will continue to learn through play based activities including those that they can select for themselves. Children will have access to continuous provision learning daily and observations will assess learning against both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 objectives.


A member of staff was allocated throughout Autumn to support physical skills in Year 1. On a Tuesday the children accessed aditional PE in small groups to practise and develop a range of physical skills and also some further social and emotional skills such as turn taking, team work and listening skills.


Year 2

Using catch up funding, we had an additional qualified teacher supporting the learning in year 2 during the Autumn term so that any gaps in basic skills can be quickly identified and addressed. As required, children have access to either pre-teaching or some additional teaching to consolidate what has been learned in class.