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Spring Term

My Feelings


Lesson aim:

Pupils can recognise and respond to a wide range of emotions in themselves

and others, and ways to respond.


Learning outcomes:

• I can recognise a wide range of emotions, and identify factors that affect emotions

• I have considered strategies to help manage my emotions

• I have thought about ways to recognise and respond to other people’s emotions


Key words:

emotions, empathy


Emotions are the way we feel inside and they can affect how we feel about ourselves, other people and how we behave. Some people are able to express their emotions in a helpful way, some people express their emotions in an unhelpful way and some people try to hide their emotions. No emotions are bad, wrong or naughty but some emotions feel more comfortable than others. It is important to share emotions with other people but that there are safe and appropriate ways of doing this.



  1. Emotion charades
  2. Breathing for behaviour
  3. Stepping into someone else’s shoes