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Sophia Duleep Singh

Sophia’s Garden is named after the inspirational woman, Princess Sophia Duleep Singh whose life was truly dedicated to the fight for equality and the support of others.

Sophia is best known as a suffragette and campaigner for women's rights. Daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh and goddaughter of Queen Victoria she used her fame, position and tenacity in the fight for gender equality in the early 20th century.


Her father Maharaja Duleep Singh, had been taken from his kingdom of Punjab to the British Raj, and was subsequently exiled to England. A statue of him stands on Butten Island in the center of Thetford.

Sophia's mother was Bamba Müller, and her godmother was Queen Victoria. She had four sisters, including two halfsisters, and four brothers. Her brother Frederick, lived locally and the woodland next to our school is named Frederick’s Wood after him.

You can find out more about our local wood on the Forest School Page.

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