Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Diversity Council

The Diversity Team

Our Pupil Diversity Council will be working with our Diversity and Social Justice Team to ensure that our school is  an environment where children see themselves represented and feel valued and safe to express their identity.

Meet our Pupil Diversity Council for 2021-22

Annabelle, Year 6

I want to make every child feel welcome and equal.  I want to make sure every child is being treated in the same way.

Michele, Year 6

So I can make sure that black people and white people are treated the same and also people from different cultures and religions like Christians, Jews etc. are also treated equally.

Alexsandra, Year 5

I want the opportunity to be part of a council.  It’s really cool.  I use to be shy in Year 4 but I want to make a change.  I want to make people feel equal and safe around school.  I want to make the school comfortable for everyone, so no one is hidden away or scared.

Sathursana, Year 5

I like to learn different stuff.  I like to be involved with new activities and people.  I would like to make a difference to the school.  I would like to make every child feel included and not left out.

Amber, Year 4

I want everyone to be treated the same because it’s not fair if people get treated differently and sometimes badly.  I want all people to feel happy and to be cared for at this school.

Isla, Year 3

I am excited to talk to the school about inspirational stuff. Like how we can change the school.  Everybody is unique and everybody has a different personality.  If they put their mind to it they can do anything.  I want to share my ideas with the school.  Everybody has different feelings and ideas.  I want to listen and help.

Jane, Year 2

I want to show people how to be kind to my friends and other people.