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Cafe and Assembly timetable Spring 2020

Anti-Bullying Week, November 2019


Throughout the week, we had several assemblies on the theme of Anti-Bullying. We learnt that 'Change Starts With Us!'.

From Year 6, King Class showed us that we cannot be bystanders or allow bullying to go on. Reverend Sally told us the story of Jesus and Zaccheus, showing us that even people who have behaved terribly are capable of change and can be forgiven. We also sang and watched these inspiring videos:


'Hopeful' by Bars and Melody:

#Change Starts With Us:

October 2019

Getting On and Falling Out


This theme focuses on developing children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in three
key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, managing feelings (with a focus on
anger) and social skills. It is organised around developing the ethos of the classroom – extending the work of our SEAL theme 'New Beginnings' and on cooperation and valuing diversity. It focuses on four key content
areas: developing the social skills of friendship, working well together in a group, managing
anger and resolving conflict.

In our junior assembly this week, we talked about getting on and falling out with our friends.


We listened and watched an orchestra play a new piece of music by Hans Zimmer, who has composed music inspired by planet Earth for the BBC '10 Pieces' for schools. We know that music often inspires us and many of the children at school are now learning instruments so we explored how something that is inspirational feels. 


We shared ideas and learned a strategy to help us be an inspiring friend who is kind and truthful.

We learned to THINK!

If we ensure the things we say and do are:






we would avoid falling out. See if you can spot reminders around school that make us THINK!


We sang 'Sing'. Have a go at home. It's a great song which tells us that we all have a voice for love.