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Autumn First Half Term


Autumn term has been extremely busy so far!


In History students have been learning about The Stone Age. This has also been used as inspiration for English in which we have written narratives and poetry. Students have begun to be exposed to performance poetry and various poetic devices which they have excelled at. As part of the History unit we were also lucky enough to go on a school trip to the Norwich Castle Museum where the students were further immersed in the topic.



In Science this half term we have been focusing on Rocks and Fossils with students having learnt how different types of rocks are formed, the properties of rocks, and the process of fossilisation. We have even conducted some experiments to observe the effect of weathering on rocks.




We combined some Computing and Geography to teach students about coordinates and maps in an atlas. Students were able to use the coordinates on a map to locate the continents and oceans.




In Mathematics we have used bead strings and number lines to explore addition and subtraction and more recently have used 3D shape models to learn about Geometry and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


The focus of PE this term has been fundamental movement skills so we have looked at jumping, hopping, and changing direction. By far the most engaging and challenging lessons in PE so far have been skipping with a rope. Over the last few weeks the students have been practicing skipping and should be proud of the progress they have made. Students demonstrated great resilience and perseverance during these lessons.


In our French lessons we have been learning some greetings and started learning how to count to 10. Students are getting good at this and often say good morning and afternoon in French when we do the register. 



In RE we have been learning about how and why Christians try to bring hope to the world.  We had a visit from the founder of a local charity, Chapter 15.  This organisation provides a shower, toiletries and clothes to local homeless people.  It's a much needed service and Year 3 were fascinated by the work of this charity.  The children want to become involved, perhaps with a toiletry collection for them.  Watch this space- we hope to organise something before Christmas.


In RSHE we have been learning about 'Our feelings,' and discussing how to manage them when they are very sad.  We all practised positive self talk as a tool in developing resilience.    

Year 3's trip to Norwich Castle: The Mystery of Prehistory!