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Spring Term

My Feelings


Lesson aim:

Pupils can recognise how images in the media, including online, do not always

reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves.


Learning outcomes:

• I can recognise that images in the media, including online do not always

reflect reality

• I understand that the unrealistic media images of the body can have a

negative impact on how people feel about themselves

• I have considered ways to feel positive about myself and celebrate my body


Key words:

body image


Body image is a term used to describe how you feel about the way you look. Reassure pupils that we are all physically different from one another and that ideas about what is ‘perfect’ or ‘attractive’ vary depending on personal likes and dislikes. Emphasise that attraction is not just based on someone’s physical appearance. Tell pupils that the media often manipulates images to create a ‘perfect’ body, but this is not representative of how anyone actually looks and can be used as a marketing

technique to trick us into buying something on the belief that it will help us to look and feel more attractive.



  1. Barbie is not real
  2. Media Messages
  3. Feeling good about your body.