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Jubilee Celebrations!

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Dissection !

Virtual Visit from Michael Rosen

Summer update- take a look at what King class have been getting up to!

Girls Football 


On Tuesday 3rd May, 16 girls from KS2 represented Drake at the Breckland Girls football competition. Each team played 3 matches, with the Year 3/4 girls finishing the day unbeaten and Year 5/6 winning 2 out of 3 including a 6-1 win!


Well done girls! 

Mr Woolacott and Mr Adair 


Spring update- take a look at what Kahlo class have been getting up to!

New Musician in residence - Kahlo class

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We welcome a new musician this term: Mr Mitchell. We had a 'taster' session on Wednesday 19th , demonstrating the kind of music the children will be involved in creating.

Maths- using a range of concrete materials to work out fraction questions

Author Focus

Our focus author is currently Emma Carroll - you can read more about her and her books by visiting the page linked here:

Lighthouse poetry using 'Letters from the lighthouse' by Emma Carroll as inspiration

Armistice Day


As part of our topic 'Sanctuary' and Armistice Day, we have made poppies out of recycled red crisp packets. We cut a crisp packet into quarters, then curled and crunched each quarter. After that, we stuck them to a stick. We have placed them in Sophie's garden along with the rest of the schools recycled poppies. 



Maths problem solving day


On Wednesday 13th October, we took part in a problem solving day.  We worked collaboratively to solve problems in class which involved more than one solution.  We had to persevere with some of the challenges because they were quite tricky!  We also enjoyed a workshop in the Hall with The Problem Solving Company.  We worked in teams to solve a selection of different problems involving numbers and shapes.  Look at the photo's below to see the fun we had!

Gressenhall farm  trip 


We took a trip to Gressenhall farm, learning about what it was like during WW2. We learnt about the role of women during the war, specifically looking at Land Girls helping to grow and harvest food and look after live stock. 


We walked around a shop and tried to buy food for a birthday party but most of the food we wanted was not available. 


We made chocolate truffles using mashed potatoes and coco powder!  

Gressenhall trip

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One of our activities at Gressenhall involved learning about the Home Guard and having a go at bayonet practise!

Gressenhall trip - standing to attention with the Home Guard!

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We have been composing our own music using Marvel rhythms ( Thor, Peter Parker, Ant Man and Black Widow). Can you guess what Marvel characters Ruby and Teiya-Mae used?

This half term in music, we are lucky to be having weekly lessons with two of our musicians in residence! Here are some photos of us enjoying playing the glockenspiels with Mrs Carruthers, who is working with both classes every Wednesday morning.


On Thursdays, both classes have a lesson with Mr Taylor; children are learning about the Baroque period and also exploring digital music using Garage Band on the iPads.

Autumn term 1

So far in Maths we have learnt about number and place value. You can see the children enjoying using a range of manipulative materials to represent different numbers. We have also been learning about rounding and negative numbers.


We have looked at addition and subtraction using number lines. Using numbers lines is a key technique to use in Maths: it helps to develop our understanding of place value and prepares us for mental calculations. 


Autumn term 2

This term we are looking at what multiplication means. We have started to use concrete resources to represent questions, understanding that multiplication is repeated addition.  



We have been doing a variety of work around our focus text ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. We have written instructions on how to evacuate a cinema during an air raid, created missing posters about one of the characters and are now beginning to write some diary entries from different perspectives!

We are going to be writing poems about a lighthouse , using our key text as inspiration. Have a look at the link featuring Joseph Coelho which we will use. He explains how poetry is relatable, fun, and achievable and can open up new ways of understanding and expressing your own emotions and thoughts. He discusses how techniques used to enhance the performance of poetry, such as intonation, tone, tempo, and volume, can be employed effectively to develop meaning for the listener. 



Art- water colour techniques

Our first RSE topic this year is ‘my feelings’. We have been learning about the different ways that men’s and women’s bodies are represented through the media and how this can impact our feelings about ourselves.


In R.E we are looking at 'Are people of the world free to believe and worship as they choose?'.