Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Year 3 visited Norwich Castle for an action packed day learning about 'The Mystery of Prehistory!' We went back in time to the Mesolithic where we acted out the daily tasks of hunting, gathering and cooking on a fire. We went forward in time to the Bronze Age where we learnt about bronze being made of copper and tin. We handled smelted Bronze Age tools and the different metal ores. We went forward in time again to the Iron Age, where we discovered the people had begun to farm and weave textiles. We came back to modern life where we had a go at archeology, and investigated Neolithic stone tools.


We have been learning a defeating the monster story during English, 'Jack and the beanstalk'. Take a look at our re-telling, with actions and expression! 

Science- classifying and testing rocks

Forest School - Being Stone Age people, playing survival, sorting the story stones into what would be Stone Age objects, using charcoal to draw Stone Age pictures, and making bow and arrows with wool and sticks.

Year 3 learning so far- tennis skills, forest school, playing the glockenspiel

We started our new educational year with a whole Drake School trip to Thetford High Lodge. Children had a great time meeting their friends and teachers after Summer holidays and sharing their experiences. They had an opportunity exploring the forest trails, trying out archery, Stone age oil pastel drawings and playing. We all had such a great day.

Visiting the Pop Up Art Gallery

The year 3 classes had a fantastic time at our pop up art gallery in town! They were able to see their art work on display and to participate in creating a willow rubbish sculpture with the artists in residence. The children created an eel and a fish made out of a structure of willow with plastic rubbish inside. Through their art, the children raised awareness of the amount of plastic in the river Thet and Little Ouse and how we can all play a part in reducing the amount of plastic that gets into our rivers and oceans.