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Look at our lovely displays!

Our Summer 1 topic is 'Why zebras have stripes?'

This half term we will learn why do zebras have stripes? Where do lions live? We will discover amazing Africa and the wild animals that live there. We’ll learn where Africa is and what the landscapes, people and wildlife are like across this stunning continent. Who are the Maasai? What is camouflage? Where is the Serengeti? We’ll learn about what school is like for African children, use our senses to explore a ‘market stall’ of Africa.

A very warm welcome to our new and returning families whose children have been offered a place in Reception at Drake Primary to start in September 2020. This web page will be updated with all information you will need and helpful links. Thank you once again for choosing Drake Primary, we look forward to meeting you all as soon as possible!

Meet the Reception staff...

Each week, our Speech and Language Therapists at Communicate have been sharing a weekly chat challenge. 

These are fun activities using things already in your home. They support children in continuing to develop their speech, language and communication skills. 

The first 2 challenges are below.  Have fun!