Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Radio Council


Members of Radio Council are responsible for generating new content throughout the week. They're also the radio representative in their classroom. If you have any ideas for the station, let them know! 


Year 3




"I’ve made a show about karate. I told people about my lessons and how to do a safe jab punch. I also made a show about swimming and the different strokes. In Radio Council, I like learning about how to record and edit the shows. I also liked setting up the radio at lunch."




"I make a show that teaches people how to play football with different skills and tips. I also update people on how my team, Thetford Bulldogs, are doing. Radio Council is good because you can you go on the radio and tell people about things you like."


Year 4




"I make a show called Incredible Instruments – I talk about different instruments and interview different players each week. I even play some of the music on the piano. I give my guests the chance to perform, too. I really like being in Radio Council because I have time to talk about the things I really like."


Year 5




"I interview members of the school community. So far, I have interviewed my grandfather about marathon running. Next, I will be making a show about chess. Every episode, I will tell the audience about different parts of the game. We will discuss the pieces and different strategies. I like being in Radio Council because I like learning how to use the radio station, but also using it to make interesting content."




"I make a show called Polish Word of the Week – each week, I teach the audience a new word or phrase. I like teaching other people new languages – it makes me happy. I interviewed people about World Book Day using a portable microphone. I like that I get to explore the radio world in Radio Council. I also really like using the radio technology."


Year 6




"My favourite thing I’ve done on the radio is Beasts of the Pasts as it explores prehistoric creatures and how they might have lived – I find that fascinating. I am working on some ocean facts that I will be using in a new show soon. As a member of Radio Council, I like how we can convince people to listen to more radio and even introduce new music and artists. It’s cool to have control over the radio station."