Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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School Council

New build 'Topping-out' Ceremony

Welcome to the School Council



School Council's Writing Competition Winners!

Meet our Councillors! 



I wanted to be on School Council and make everyone happy.




I am on School Council because I would like more books in the school.


I want to be on the School Council because I’m a good problem solver and a good listener.




I am on School Council because I am a hard worker and listen well to other people’s ideas.


I wanted to be on School Council because I want to learn about it, share ideas and be part of it. I will be good for School Council because I have a lot of ideas and am confident speaking in public.



I will be a good school councillor because I have lots of creative ideas and I am passionate to express them. I am also going to share the ideas of other pupils in Turing class to not just help the class, but the whole school as well. 


I am on the School Council because I am determined to make it easier and more accessible for children to learn and have an amazing time at Drake. I am really happy to spend my time figuring out and problem solve. I am truthful and honest and I demonstrate this when debating ideas. I am full of ways and ideas and cannot wait to share them.




I wanted to be on the School Council because I want to be really active in helping everyone. We will work together with other student groups to support and develop Drake!


I wanted to be on the School Council because I like to answer and help people with their questions. I also want to make sure people have a lovely learning experience! My goal of being on the School Council is to ensure that there are more educational trips. 




I am on the School Council because I have tons of ideas to help develop the school. I am a good listener ad I care for others and can make a difference across the school. 


Our School Council Qualities


When applying for School Council, the children filled in an application form. On this had a list of qualities which they felt they had. These were:


Essential Qualities


  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Willing to respect the views of others.
  • Approachable.
  • Represent your peers confidently and good at explaining things.
  • Able to work co-operatively with others.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Reliable and willing to give up some of your own time to attend meetings.
  • Enthusiastic and energetic.


Desirable Qualities


  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Enjoy having the opportunity to solve problems.
  • Willing to consider what is best for everyone at the school.
  • Be prepared not to be popular with everyone.
  • Have lots of new ideas.
  • Shows initiative