Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Our Trip to the Farm


Reception classes went on a trip to the farm. We had to get there by coach which the children were very excited about. When we got there, we met the animals. Some of them we were able to feed and some we were even able to hold or stroke. The children loved finding out facts about the animals. It was lovely to see their interest in the animals. The children asked very good questions to find out what they wanted to know. The children in both classes were excellently behaved and remembered their school rules on their trip out. We had a picnic lunch and even got to play on a climbing frame. 

British Science Week

Parent Café

Reception children welcomed their parents to our Café today. The theme was Online Safety, the parents had insightful discussions with their parents about personal and private information. They were given the opportunity to think about different information and sort them into personal and not personal information. We had a break where we enjoyed squash and biscuits. Yum! Afterwards, we thought about the trusted adults we have around us who we are able to talk to and share our personal information with. By the end of the session, the children were able to understand that there is a lot of information we can't share with strangers and other adults who are not our trusted adults. 

Andersen Class went to Thetford Library.

The children enjoyed their walk to the Library. They got to have a look at all of the books and listened to some stories being read to them. They were very well behaved and added two marbles to the jar during the morning. Some of the children even had a go at drawing some pictures of the story they liked the best. 



100% Attendance 

Autumn 2

Reception have been getting into the Christmas spirit by making decorations, decorating our classrooms and dressing up. We’ve been talking about different traditions and celebrations. Children have also been listening to a variety of Christmas stories.

Trip to the Church

Reception enjoyed their first trip outside of school this half term. They were exceptionally well behaved and followed all of our rules to keep them safe. 
The children walked to town to visit the Methodist Church where we were able to see the. Christmas Tree festival before it was opened to the public. They loved looking closely at the different trees to workout the specific theme. We observed the features of the building and enjoyed experiencing a different environment. 
We also took this as an opportunity to share our Christmas songs with the church staff. All the children had a great morning. 

Our Reading Cafe

The children enjoyed sharing this half terms focus story with their families. We showed them the story map and signs for the Owl Babies that we have been learning. We were able to talk through the importance of reading and the positive effect it can have on all areas of children’s development. The last part of our cafe was a craft activity where the children and their grown ups made their own representations of the characters from the Owl Babies’ story using a range of collage resources. 

Autumn 1

Our building site.

Music with Mrs Carruthers

Maths Problem Solving Workshop

Transition Week

We are very proud of how well the children have settled in and how hard they have worked on learning the rules and routines in Reception.

This week children have been busy exploring our classrooms and the outside area. They have been taking responsibility for their own learning by choosing activities during challenge time and using a wide range of resources. Take a look at our photos to see the fun they’ve been having so far!