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Arts Council

Meet the Pupil Arts Council

Each of our Council members have chosen the Creative Art that they are most passionate about to champion at our school. They will be working in committees to think about their chosen area – how to celebrate the great work we do, and how to make it even better.


Our Champions for Dance

Annabelle - I think there should be more dance in PE lessons and more dance equipment. As dance champion I am going to talk to the PE lead about that.
Teiya-May - As dance champion I’m going to help make more opportunities for dance at Drake. I think we need more afterschool clubs in different types of dance, such as jazz and break dancing.
Abbie - As dance champion I am going to see if we can get different types of dance at school.



Our Champions for Drama

Scarlett - As drama champion I am going to help make sure we do more interesting things with drama and put on more plays.
Joel - I think we should have an afterschool drama club. As drama champion I would help with the club and teach others how to do drama.
Spencer - I think we definitely need more plays, a drama club and more drama in lessons. As drama champion I’m going to help make that happen.


Our Champions for Music

Lili - As music champion I am going to help us get more afterschool clubs for music and different instruments for us to have lessons in.
Dhanya - I think there should be more chances for us to learn instruments for free.
Izzy – I am going to be a champion for singing. I’m going to see if we can start lunchtime clubs for singing.


Our Champion for Poetry

Milly - I want to be a poetry champion because poetry can be really beautiful and expressive and I want to champion it so we can explore more types of poetry at Drake.


Our Champions for Craft and Design

Liyana - As craft champion I am going to encourage the school to collect more junk to recycle into art and crafts. We should have chances to try out lots of different crafts.
Victoria - As craft champion I want to encourage more children to ‘say something’ by being creative. We should have more chances to craft things and try out using new materials.
Jacob - As design champion, I think there should be more opportunities at school for designing products and making things form cardboard and any materials.


Our Champion for Photography

Lyla - I think that everyone should have photography lessons at Drake with proper photography equipment. I would also like us to have a photography club.


Our Champions for Visual Arts
Lena - As art champion I want to teach other children how to do different techniques in art. I could help with a lunchtime club to help other children do Art. We should also do art with natural materials which will good for the environment.
Jensen - As an art champion I’m going to help find places to display more art in our school. I’m also going to help people make their art even neater.
Noah - I think we should do different kinds of art at school. As Art champion, I’m going to help my friends do more art.
Olivia - I’d like there to be afterschool art clubs. I think we should also put more art up. There are loads of white walls, we should hang different types of art on them by Drake artists and by famous artists.
Anureet - I think there should be more 3d modelling in lessons and more clubs for art.
Reggie - 
I really enjoy art and think that everyone should get to enjoy it too.

Our Champions for Wellbeing
Iyla - I wanted to be the Champion for Wellbeing because I want to help more people and I think that Art can help you with your mental health. Art makes me feel happy and sometimes excited to be making new art work and having new ideas, and I want everyone to be able to feel like that.
Daisy - I want to be able to help people with their mental health and to feel better. I want everyone in the school to be able to have a chance to express how they are feeling and art is a good way to do that. Sometimes it can be hard to say how you are feeling, but you might be able to draw it and that can help.

The School Council's Art Representatives
Amelia and Livvy