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2021 - 2022

Autumn Term 2


This half term both Rashford and Merian have been retelling the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. They have been acting it out and using adjectives to describe the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

In History they have been learning about Guy Fawkes and learned the Remember, Remember, the fifth of November poem. They also learnt about Remembrance Day and made poppies in remembrance of a specific soldier who died in the war. They laid their poppies in Sophia's Garden in honour of their soldier’s sacrifice and was visited by a service man for Remembrance Day assembly.

In RE the children have been learning about Diwali and have coloured in lovely rangoli patterns, made flowers and lanterns.

In Geography the children made maps of the classroom and while be looking at using google maps to navigate around the roads close to the school.

In Computing, the children have started word processing, learning to type efficiently using the correct hand position.

Autumn Term 1


Both Rashford and Merian classes have started the school year with learning about themselves and their class names. We have looked at our namesakes and talked about all the things that both Rashford and Merian have done for the global community. We have been exploring our five senses,  learning our 'This is Me' poem, writing our 'This is Me' poem and learning about our body parts. We have been exploring our provision and learning about our environment. 

This term we have been really busy in Maths learning about place value and decomposing numbers. We're also looking at addition and subtraction using objects and starting to draw our calculations and writing the number sentence (or calculation!). In Science we have been learning about our bodies and looked at healthy eating in PHSE. We have written poems about ourselves and learned what nouns are people, places or things, including animals. 

Our focussed author is Eric Carle and we have been reading lots of his stories in class. Our focussed book is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and we have been sequencing the story, acting it out and creating food and pictures from the story with playdough. Hope you enjoy looking at all of our photos that capture our love for learning.

We have been measuring using non-standard units as well as using rulers. We've measured our feet using cubes and measured lines using bricks. Also, come and read our wonderful Hungry Caterpillar stories. We've had to feed our caterpillars pieces of celery, but they are only allowed to eat two pieces each, otherwise they will get tummy ache! This has helped us to learn about multiplication (counting in 2s) and sharing equally too.


All about Me!


Dear Parents, 

As you know the topic for this term is ‘All about me’. The children are learning about what makes them unique. We would like them to interview you about why you picked their name and where the country of origin is?  You can use google to find out the meaning of the name and the place of origin. 

 Please write the answers on this paper and also video tape the conversation. We are hoping to get a Year group set of parent conversations to air on the radio station. Please upload the video taped conversation to tapestry. 


Thank you 

The Year 1 Team