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WB - 7th June Curated by Year 6

This week’s music collection has been curated by Year 6.

White Winter Hymnal
A Fleet Foxes cover performed by Pentatonix
We chose this one because we like how they don’t use any instruments, just their voices and body percussion. And it’s cool to watch!


Star wars Suite by John Williams
Performed by The BBC Concert Orchestra

We like how music is used in films; it can be used to create suspense or it can warn you when something horrible is about to happen. Here are 3 different musical themes from Star Wars. What moods are they creating?

What makes you beautiful
A cover by The Piano Guys
Watch how they don’t use the piano in a ‘normal’ way - they use different parts of the piano. It’s a different way to play piano.

An End of the Show Show Sea Shanty Spectacular!
From Saturday night takeaway
We have been singing some Sea Shanties in our music lessons. We love this fun version by Ant and Dec.

We have been learning about Stomp who are a musical group who use a variety of everyday objects as percussion instruments in their shows.