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Spring Term

My Rights and Responsibilities


Lesson aim:

Pupils understand that some diseases are spread, and that they have the right to be protected from diseases and the responsibility to protect others.


Learning outcomes:

• I know some ways that diseases are spread

• I know some ways that I can protect myself from diseases

• I know some ways that I can protect others from diseases


Key words:

Disease, bacteria


We will be learning about how to protect ourselves and other people from some diseases. A disease is an illness which you can catch and spread, and which can make you feel very unwell. Many diseases are common illnesses that can infect anyone, with only some being quite serious. They cannot all be prevented but many can be. Being ill sometimes can boost our immune system meaning we are less likely to catch the same disease again. Other infections and conditions such as head lice can be caught, and spread. Many diseases are spread by coughing or sneezing, but can also be spread in blood and other bodily fluids.




  1. Diseases spread!
  2. Disease Defences
  3. Protect and Prevent