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On Thursday 17th March, Year 5 were visited by scientists from the John Innes Research Centre.


In Tereshkova class, we looked at the symbiosis of different microbes. We separated microbes and bacteria from plant roots using DiH2O using a pestle and mortar before placing it on a petri dish with agar jelly in. This will feed the bacteria and help it grow. We even got to wear lab coats and gloves to keep our own microbes from growing!


In Curie class we started with a range of scientific activities: we looked at leaf-cutter Ants from Brazil, explored materials using digital microscopes, looked under real microscopes at a range of bacteria and finally separated and are going to grow bacteria from the soil of Drake's garden area. 

     In the second part of the day the children wrote their own poems based on THE DOOR by Miroslav Holub, embedding what they have learnt in the morning session.

     In the final part of the day the children looked at the work of Jasper Johns. They used oil pastels and ink resist to recreate their own art based on a range of scientific vocabulary including bacteria, streptomyces, cyanobacteria, geosmin, diatoms, antibiotics and chromatography. 


Tereshkova Science, Art and Writing Day Part 2 - Plant-inspired poetry writing

Curie Class - Writing session based on The Door by Miroslav Holub

World Book Day 03.03.2022

Djembe Drumming (2)

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Some of us got to play the big Base drums to accompany the Djembe drums.

Djembe Drumming Session

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This half term we've been working with out Musician in Residence to improve our West African inspired drumming sessions. Here are video's of our final session on the Djembe drums.

Computing with Conditions

How many ways can we make the number 8?


Exploring how day and night works

Combining output components in computing

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Selection in Physical Computing

Our first drumming lesson!

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We have begun working with our new musician in residence learning about African drumming.

Colour mixing our skin tones

Problem solving and bridge making