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2021 - 2022

Summer 2

Reception have had a good start to our last half term of the year. We have already had our Parent Cafe all about Our different feelings. It was so nice to see children and their parents involved in the activities. 
Our focus story this half term is ‘Dear Zoo’. The children are having fun retelling and acting out the story. We have been using junk modelling to make enclosures for all the animals. We have thought about the different animals and compared them by writing sentences. Which ones do we see in England and which ones come from Africa? 
In Maths, we have been learning about doubling by using different manipulatives and resources to find two of the same amount. The children have painted butterflies and folded the paper to show double which supports their understanding. 

Our role play area this half term has been changed to a Travel Agents. The children are enjoying taking information from each other and writing it down in their documents. We have seen lots of great vocabulary coming from the children as they communicate using the phones and typing in the keyboards. There are cross curricular links to Maths, Literacy, Understanding the World, Communication and Language and Expressive Arts and Design. 

Platinum Jubilee 2022 Celebrations

The children have enjoyed some themed learning activities this week. We have explored 2D shapes including making shapes using only six squares (red, white and blue of course). We worked out that you can make long thin rectangles and short fat ones. We also explored tangrams where the children had the opportunity to practise recognising and talking about their properties. 
we have also found out about what the Jubilee is and what it means. The children have enjoyed decorating the classroom with bunting and Union Jacks which they coloured carefully. They have been cutting, sticking and used glitter and gems to decorate their crowns. The children used teamwork to measure each others heads and stapled their crowns ready to wear at the special Jubilee lunch. 

Our fine motor activity this week was to make a repeating pattern using the connectors of red, white and blue. 
We also thought about whet it would be like if we were a King or a Queen and the children wrote sentences about what it might be like. 

Creating collages with the visiting artist

Children in our school worked with a visiting artist to create a collages of water plants that can be found in the Breclands. 

The children carefully listened to the artist's instructions. They used flattened cardboard packaging and coloured paper for collage. After the collage was completed the children added some patterned details by using black fine line felt tips.

They all had great time and were very pleased with the final result.

Summer 1

So far this term, we have been busy learning about the world around us through stories and experiences. The children have enjoyed acting and retelling 'The Little Red Hen'. They have extended their learning by taking different roles in the role play area where they are able to explore the farm shop and bakery. In art we have explored doodling and making spirals with a range of media. Our school value this half term is Respect, we have been talking about the may ways we can show this everyday. In Maths we have been concentrating on numbers beyond 10 and the repeating number patterns that we notice. 

South Angle Farm Park

The children were so excited for their very first coach trip. We went to South Angle Farm Park and had a wonderful time. There were many opportunities to feed and handle the animals. We learnt all about the life on a farm and the children were very engaged and asked lots of questions. 


Forest School

The children have really enjoyed exploring Forest School as a whole class this half term. They have been taking risks and working on their climbing skills. They have performed shows, made cakes and pies for each other and even made homes for the insects they have found. 

This week in Forest School, the children were introduced to a game where they had to search for a range of different things. The children found something heavy, something light, something yucky, something living, prickly, soft, smooth, long and short. This promoted their communication and team work skills. 

Norwich Puppet Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre visited us today. Children enjoyed watching a performance 'Pied Piper'. After performance children had an opportunity to have a closer look at the puppets, to learn about different type pf puppets and to ask lots of questions. 


This term our focus artist is Mary Blair. We found out about her by reading a book called 'Pocket full of colours'. We also looked at her art work. During arts session we used oil pastels to draw different patterns. We completed our art work by putting a layer of water paint on top of it. We were very pleased with our art work.


Puzzle Workshop

On Friday 18th March, we had the Problem Solving Company to share their Puzzle workshop with us. 

The children had an enjoyable session which promoted team work and problem solving. 

British Science Week


Reception focused on light and stars during the week. We talked about where light comes from and different types of light. We thought about the biggest star, the sun, and how it cannot be turned off. The children enjoyed conducting an experiment which showed the sun (a torch) being shone onto the moon and reflecting the light. 
We also looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night canvas and had a go at creating our own pictures using chalk. 

World Book Week in Reception


This week we have been learning more about the author Hans Christian Andersen. We found out that he used to make paper cuttings in his spare time so we had a go and put them on our window display. 

We have also made a class book all about trees which links to our longitudinal study about seasonal changes. The children designed a page each then we added them altogether to make our class book. 

The children have also drawn and labelled their favourite book character which we have put on our window display for other classes to see. 

On Thursday Mrs Rosen came to read us a story. We also had ‘drop and read’ throughout the day where we had to drop what we were doing and read. The children thought this was rather funny and enjoyed having a go at independent reading. 

Spring 2

So far this half term  we have been exploring 'Goldilocks and the three bears' as our focus story. Children enjoyed acting it out in our role-play areas. In science we have been  observing trees in spring and used our art skills to paint them. In Maths we explored length and height. We have been learning to give instructions to Beebot and had lots of fun in forest school. Please see some pictures below.

Spring 1

This term our theme is 'Stories, rhymes and morals'. We will be focusing on traditional stories and learning about Hans Christian Andersen. We started our term with a story 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and 'The Three Little Pigs'. In Maths we been comparing numbers and quantities to 5 and find the missing part from the group. We enjoyed learning about capacity and finding which container holds the most. 

This half term we started our Forest school sessions. We had lots of fun. We had a great trip to Ancient House Museum and extended our learning about traditional stories.

Please look at the pictures bellow which show our learning.


A busy half term in Reception


This half Reception children were very busy getting ready for Christmas celebration. They have been making own salt dough decorations, learning about Christmas traditions in different cultures, taking part in their Christmas assembly and performing Christmas concert to their parents. We finished our half term with our first local trip to St Cuthberts Church.

Children in Need

Remembrance Day


The children have been very busy making poppies out of sustainable materials. They painted a plastic bottle which every child added to the instillation. Every child was given a name of a solder which they were able to think about and have a moment of reflection for. 

Autumn 2

Welcome back to school for the second half of the Autumn term. We hope you and your families had a nice break and you all are keeping well. This half term we will continue our People and Communities theme. On the lead up to Communities theme it will be full of celebrations and find out about how we all celebrate differently. We will be practising our Christmas songs ready for Christmas assembly Reception will also be taking part in the whole school Humanae art project inspired by Angelica Dass which is all about identity.





Learning letters and sounds

Children were very enthusiastic during their first RWInc sessions this week. They were so keen to learn new sounds and to form letters.

This weeks adult led outdoor activity -Andersen.

Andersen Class enjoyed some outdoor fun this week. We used the parachute to play some games to help form good relationships with our peers.



Our staff team consists of Miss Bell (Andersen class) and Mrs Bisset (Attenborough class) and supported by Mrs Grant, Mrs Osborne, Mrs James and Mrs Sims. Our classes are named after Hans Christian Andersen who is a famous children's author and Sir David Attenborough -an English broadcaster, natural historian and author.