Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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After School Club


Messages from school to parents are passed on verbally and using the green communication folders

On arrival coats and bags are hung up in the main corridor and children line up ready to be received by After School staff

3:30pm Children are encouraged to sit quietly during registration

3:40pm Children can free flow between inside and outside activities

4:00pm Children tidy up, wash hands and sit down for tea

After tea –  T.V time – children watch T.V whilst activities are set up and then start free flow between inside and outside activities (Winter –  indoor activities)

5:25pm Tidy up time and get ready to go home

5:30pm Home Time – any letters or messages are given to parents as child leaves


Rules for After School Club

Hang up own coats and bags

Children can have 10 minute goes on the computer and they must sign in

Hands must be washed before teatime