Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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February 2021

17th February 2021


Dear All


I'm sure I am not alone in being relieved for the half term holidays!


Home-schooling 3 children across 3 year groups in 2 different schools is tough, but the structured virtual school days on Google Classroom and Zoom meetings gives clear direction on what is expected or to be achieved each day. Feedback from teaching staff is positive that (virtual) attendance is high for pupils, which is encouraged by the School's commitment to families by providing electronic devices and wireless dongles, to support pupil's learning at home. The Governing Body wish to thank those that have kindly donated and/or fundraised to make this possible.


Standards in behaviour, during live assemblies, teaching or story time is impeccable and teaching staff strive to reinforce behaviour expectations, where necessary, to the same level if the children were in the physical school setting.


As Governors we continue to meet monthly to gather updates from the Headteacher regarding staff and pupil wellbeing, review of the budget, health & safety and ratification of policies. Subject Leaders have demonstrated to Governors their commitment to continue to provide and monitor a rich and varied curriculum, in spite of the pandemic and it's impact to school life, ensuring that it's intent, implementation and impact on pupils is felt now and beyond.


Governors are committed to ensuring that statutory responsibilities, such as Safeguarding & SEND remain high on every agenda, including working closely with Norfolk County Council (NCC) to commence the planning, building and opening of the school's Specialist Resource Base (SRB). As our Governing Body has swelled in size, I am confident that Governors are keen to do more in the way of monitoring and fulfilling their role to its fullest, when possible and in relation to their designated responsibility or allocated objective on the School's Development & Improvement Plan (SIDP). In the meantime, Governors continue to hold Senior Leaders to account with scrutiny and questioning via virtual meetings and request for evidence of compliance.


I'm sure we will all be listening to the Government's announcement regarding March 8th and how that will impact our children and their potential return to school settings with interest. Senior Leaders continue to adapt and make changes to the school's COVID-19 risk assessments accordingly, which are shared with Governors and NCC, with safety and hygiene measure in place to maintain minimal to nil transmission risks on site.


As always, thank you for your continued support to our amazing teachers, support staff and senior leaders. I know they have all praised the fantastic support from parents and families in ensuring our positive, high level learning environments continue, wherever the children spend their school days at present.


Stay safe & thank you for reading.


Carly Brien

Chair of Governors