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Summer Term

My Body


Lesson aim:

Pupils can anticipate how their body may change as they approach and move through puberty.


Learning outcomes:

• I know how the male body can be affected by puberty

• I know how the female body can be affected by puberty

• I have thought about how these body changes might make someone feel about themselves 


Key words:

puberty, penis, erection, wet dream, foetus, vulva, hygiene


Some pupils may already be experiencing puberty. Puberty can start from the age of 8 years, being triggered by a range of hormonal changes that help the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is important to foster the necessary behaviour and learning skills within pupils to enable this lessons to be taught co-educationally. Whilst you may feel it necessary to separate pupils by gender, this could prove compromising for a transgender or intersex pupil. Additionally, it is essential that pupils are aware of how both their own body and that of others may develop and change so they understand and have empathy towards this.



Puberty predictions: Boy
Puberty predictions: Girl
Starting Puberty