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Spring Term

My beliefs


Lesson aim:

Pupils can challenge gender stereotypes, understanding that there is not one way to be a boy, or one way to be a girl


Learning outcomes:

• I have identified that there are ways in which some people believe that a boy should behave, and a girl should behave

• I recognise that girls and boys have lots of similarities

• I know that I can follow my aspirations, irrespective of the gender that I was born


Key words:

gender, stereotype, (penis, vulva)


The focus of these lessons is on gender stereotypes, enabling pupils to recognise and challenge stereotypes. It is important to be mindful that some pupils may identify as gender questioning or transgender.

Your gender describes how much you feel like a boy, or a girl. Some people believe that there are certain ways that people should behave, think and feel because they are born as a boy or a girl. This includes how they dress, the toys they play with and the jobs they later do as an adult. This view is called a stereotype. In this case it is a gender stereotype. If you have collated some images from the media/toy advertisements, these could be shared now to emphasise how the media can also reinforce gender stereotypes.


There are 3 activity sessions around this topic.

  1. Differences
  2. Values Spectrum
  3. Positive Pictures.