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Attention Autism

Attention Autism 

In Grandin Class we have been enjoying our learning through Attention Autism sessions. The lessons are structured to support pupils to extend their focus, shift their attention, take turns and complete learning activities independently.

Each stage is as follows

Stage 1 - Bucket - Focusing Attention 

Prior to stage one the leading adult draws and writes the structure of the session on a whiteboard in a 'first, next, then' approach, crossing each stage off as it is finished. To start the bucket, we sing our 'I've got something in my bucket' song. Then, the leading adult gets around three engaging toys out of the bucket. Think singing, dancing, light up toys that spark joy in all and most importantly focus attention onto the activity.

Stage 2 - Building Attention 

During stage two, the lead adult continues to build the attention of the children through continuing to teach with highly motivating, multi-sensory approaches. 

Stage 3 - Turn Taking and Shifting Attention

An activity is modelled by the leading adult, with children then being chosen to take their turn to complete the activity. The children have to wait for their turn, watch their friends take their turn and accept occasionally not having a turn. 

Stage 3 - Independent Activity 

The leading adult models the independent activity. Next, the children are given their resources and take them to a table to complete the task independently. Finally, the children give their completed task back to the leading adult