Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Art & Design

At Drake, we would like pupils to develop as artists and feel able to express themselves through art. We want children to experience art first-hand by visiting art in situ and by meeting artists, learning techniques from experts and understanding how people throughout history have explored their creativity through art. We want pupils to be able to talk knowledgeably about art and design; about their own and others’ work and about different techniques and media. We want them to be confident artists, happy to experiment and investigate their experience through art.

Our art curriculum will give pupils chances to develop a range of skills, techniques and knowledge with planned progression as they move through school. They will be able to learn about a huge range of artists, designers and creative individuals from a variety of times and cultures.


We will ensure our art and design curriculum is carefully planned and monitored for progression and to ensure a broad set of experiences which not only covers National Curriculum objectives but also enhances children’s lives.


In Early Years, children will experience a range of techniques, skills and resources in order to develop their confidence and creativity, fine motor skills and understanding through focus on artists and types of expression.

As children move into Key Stage 1 and 2, they will use sketchbooks to experiment, investigate and practise. In their sketchbooks, they will develop ideas, try out different techniques and media and analyse their own and others’ work. They will also study the work of famous artists and movements and interrogate the reasons behind these ways of expressing and seeing. Pupils will be given opportunities to develop the vocabulary of art and expression, better to explain their decisions and choices about their work.

Pupils will visit art galleries, museums and studios. They will work with artists and designers in range of contexts. They will be given chances to experience art first-hand and in its original state.