Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Spring Term

My Feelings


Lesson aim:

Pupils can recognise and respond to a wide range of emotions in themselves and others, and ways to respond.


Learning outcomes:

• I can identify comfortable and uncomfortable feelings

• I can describe my feelings

• I can manage uncomfortable feelings


Key words:

Feelings, comfortable, uncomfortable


The different types of feelings that we experience and how we can help ourselves and each other to manage our feelings. We all have feelings. No feelings are wrong, bad or naughty. Some feelings are comfortable to experience, some feelings are uncomfortable to experience. Our feelings can be affected by things happening inside our bodies, such as if we feel hungry, tired, in pain or unwell. Our feelings can

also be affected by things happening outside our body, such as if someone is kind or unkind to us or if something upsetting happens, for example when a pet dies.



  1. I feel good about
  2. Feeling behaviours
  3. Make my feeling face