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WB - 21st June Curated by Year 4

This week’s music collection has been curated by Year 4.

Try Everything
by Shakira
We like how the lyrics are about being resilient ‘I keep falling down… I always get up’ and ‘nobody learns without getting it wrong’. Our choir are also practising this song for our concert.

I’m Still Standing
by Elton John

We chose this one because it has inspirational lyrics to be resilient in the face of tough times. While listening to it, we talked about how Elton John married a man and they have had 2 children together.

This Is Me
Performed by The Greatest Showman Cast
We chose this song because it links to our work on identity and it has a strong anti-bullying message.

by Imagine Dragons
This song was chosen as a memorable song that our class all enjoyed singing along to.