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Science - Observation over time


Year 5 have been looking at conducting their own Scientific Enquiries and have decided on using salt (solute) and water (solvent) to make a salt water solution. Here are our results over time. It was fascinating watching the changes and the formation of the sparkling salt crystals. A great enquiry for observing a reversible change happen before our eyes.

Our Children in Need Heroes Costumes

Performing at the Royal Albert Hall!

Curie Class ready for Egyptian Day

Egyptian day - what amazing fun we had in Year 5 learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

Investigating 3D shapes, specifically prisms in Maths

Testing materials to see which was the most waterproof

Working on our different parts while singing "Hey Mr Miller"!

Still image for this video
We have been working with our Musician in Residence, Mrs Carruthers, on a song about Glen Miller called "Hey Mr Miller".

Warming up with our Musician in Residence!

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Tereshkova won the first UKS2 Times Tables Rockstar Battle!

Collaborative Learning in English

Analysing Egyptian Death Masks

Testing paper strength