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Year 6

Here are some websites for Year 6 during this period of home learning. There will be lessons and activities set most days on Google Classroom. You will need to check in daily to see what has been set and needs doing. A timetable below shows a suggested guide of possible activities for the week. However, you may want to spend a chunk of time focusing on improving in a particular area such as times tables, punctuation or handwriting. You could even focus on learning to speak fluent French or even learning some German or Spanish ready for High School!


Don't forget that learning to do life skills such as making a meal or cooking from a recipe, gardening, housework, helping to make a shopping list are all incredibly useful and valuable. Learn to play a board game, create some artwork by using what you see around you and study how your body grows following our longitudinal study. 


Year 6 Weekly Home Learning Time Table Week Commencing Monday 30th March


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
PE with Joe- Youtube- The Body Coach TV- Live workout- 9.00- 9.30 Monday to Friday


Spelling Test


A Year of Nature



Features of

Narrative Writing


Body Adventure



Body Adventure



Guardians of











Nrich Challenge


20 in 20



Team Work


Heart Rate



Learning a

new language


The origins of

Valentines Day





Suggested Activities


First, here is a link to a huge range of educational and interesting websites, most offering free content which would be great to explore:


During the school closures, the BBC Bitesize website will be offering lots of extra content, including activities, podcasts, videos and learning units:




Spelling Shed- Spellings will continue to be issued on a Monday to practise and we would appreciate if you could test your children at home. Children’s logins are stuck in the front of their homework books. Please contact the school office if this needs to be reissued. 


The Literacy Shed-this site uses a range of short films to inspire story-telling and writing. We will probably use some of the films to structure some writing activities:


Google Classroom- The children have been using this in class since the start of the year so should know how to use it. We will be setting English tasks for the children to complete and will be able to feed back to them. Logins have been sent home.


Authorfy- Try writing with authors for free!


Norfolk Library Service- Download ebooks for free using the app


Children can also use the Libby and Borrowbox apps to download ebooks to read for a limited time.


There is also the excellent where you can download extracts and see book recommendations.




Times Table Rock Stars- A great website to practise times tables on set to the child’s ability. The children are familiar with this website as it is set for weekly homework. Logins are written in the front of their homework book. Contact school office if this needs to be reissued.


ICT Games- Maths and English games with varying levels; created by teachers.


Mathsbot- A variety of differing ability maths challenges which we use in class. Scroll down past the GCSE practise until you reach starters and drills.


Corbett Maths 5 a day- This website offers a differentiated maths question every day. is an excellent site offering a huge range of maths activities




Duo Lingo- This website is split into small stages in order to help you learn a new language.


Keeping Active


PE with Joe Youtube- ‘The Body Coach’- This is a virtual PE lesson every week day held from 9.00-10.00am by a professional body coach to ensure children across the country keep fit and healthy.


We will also be posting other active ideas on the Google Classroom using Get Set 4 PE.




We will constantly update this section with new links and suggestions for exploration and research activities.


Explorify- a science website offering science experiments and tasks to complete.


DK Find out- Great website for children to discover new things, personal research on topics they are interested in.




Access Art- Fun ideas of art stimuli and projects that can be done at home with videos to support.




Blockly- Learn computer programming skills-




Twinkl- great for resources as well as teaching aids. Currently offering free access.


Purple Mash- access games and all areas of the curriculum at different levels. Sign up is free.