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WB: 27th April

Good morning everybody!
Mrs Booth here.  I hope you enjoyed last week’s songs. Let your teacher’s know how you are getting on and they can tell me.

Have any of our ukulele players had a go at learning Count On Me?
I have been practising hard. I have been learning the ukulele for nearly a month now, but I’m still finding changing between chords pretty tricky. I’ll keep practising though and it will get easier.
This week I also started learning to play the Baked Potato song by Matt Lucas.I have made a little video to share with you:

Ukulele - potato song (small).mp4

Still image for this video

I used this youtube lesson to learn it on the ukulele.
Ukulele players who have a ukulele at home, might like to try too.

If you don't have a ukulele you could just learn to sing the words.

I have lots more musical activities you might want to listen to or try out this week.
* The ‘BBC 10 pieces’ is listening to Ravi Shankar for the last time. Next week, we’ll be in May and have a new piece to listen to.
* I have some songs for KS1 and for KS2 to learn and practise.
* Finally, there are some videos of choirs singing that you can watch and learn more about communicating while singing.

If you want to do even more music, there is a fun pulse lesson on the Oak National Academy. Its made for years 3 and 4, but anyone would enjoy joining in with it.

Key Stage 1 you might enjoy playing 'guess the instrument':

Have a good week everyone,
Mrs Booth

BBC Ten pieces
April’s piece is Ravi Shankar’s Symphony Finale
This month, Ravi Shankar would have been 100. To celebrate, his family released footage of him playing, teaching and conducting.

This video is of his daughter playing the sitar.

You can find out more about the Sitar in this episode of YolanDa’s Band Jam.


KS1 Singing practice:
1. Warm up
Can you make all the animal sounds in this fun vocal warm up?

2. An old song to practice and enjoy : Many Years
You can find the song on this webpage along with our other dinosaur songs:

Also, you might like to keep listening and trying last week’s new song: The Seed Song

3.  A new song to listen to and try:  Travelling by
The children in Reception know this song, but the rest of you might like to learn it too.

KS2  Singing practice:
Last week, you might have listened to our new song: One Moment, One people
This video  lesson will help you to learn it.

You can practice the song with this lyrics video:

You can listen to it and  find the lyrics to print here:

If any of our instrumentalists would like to learn to play it, the sheet music is here:


Finally, something inspiring to watch:
This choir is singing Rhythm of Life which is a song some of you have learned.
What makes their performance so successful? Pick one thing they are doing that you could try hard to do next time you are performing in a concert.


We have watched this choir singing before:
Which performance do you prefer? Why?

You can find out more about communicating mood and meaning while you are singing in this BBC lesson: