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WB: 20th April



Good morning everybody!
I’m really  missing doing singing practices with everyone, but luckily I have lots of good songs that you can practice at home. Some of them are ones you already know, and some of them are new songs you might like to start listening to and learning.

Before that, I really want to show you what I got for my birthday. A few weeks ago I turned 28 (again) and my best present was a ukulele. I have never played the ukulele before but I have been very inspired by all of you who have been learning at school. It’s tricky learning to play something new, so I have been practising everyday so I can get better at moving between chords smoothly. Its can be really tricky and  my fingers got really sore at first, but they are tougher now and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Maybe next week I'll be feeling brave and I'll upload a video so you can see what progress I am making.
I have been learning to play Count On Me this week as that’s one of KS2’s favourite songs to sing. I found a tutorial on YouTube to learn the chords and strumming pattern. If you have a ukulele at home, you might want to learn to play the song too. 


BBC Ten pieces
April’s piece is Ravi Shankar’s Symphony Finale
A few weeks ago we started thinking about the instruments we could spot in the orchestral performance of Ravi Shankar’s Symphony Finale. Watch it once more and look out for those instruments again listening carefully to the sounds they make.  Which one do you like best?
Maybe you could pick one of the instruments you spotted to find out more about. You might like to make a fact page with a picture of the instrument and some facts you have found out. I’d love to see any pages you make.

KS1 Singing practice

1. Warm up
We should always warm up before we practise our singing.
This is the choir’s favourite warm up for our bodies:
And we always warm up our voices with Sirens:

Action songs are good to warm us up too. See if you can remember the actions for this song.

Shine, From the Inside Out

2. An old song to practice and enjoy : Have you ever seen a dinosaur  drink a cup of tea?
You can find the song on this webpage along with our other dinosaur songs:
You might also enjoy watching the story that goes with it.

3.  A new song to listen to and try:  The Seed Song
I know some of you are looking at seeds and planting some at the moment. So here is a seed song you might enjoy. You can listen to it  or even try learning some of the words.

KS2 Singing practice:

1. Warm up
We should always warm up before we practise our singing. Check out the KS1 warm up for some ideas and a song.

2. An old song to practice and enjoy : Count on me
You can find it on this Sing Up At Home page:

3. A new song to listen to and try:  One Moment, One people
You can listen to it and  find the lyrics to print here:
If any of our instrumentalists would like to learn to play it, the sheet music is here:

When you are singing, it is important that you communicate the story and mood of the song.
Find out more in this Bitesize lesson:
Finally, something inspiring to watch:
I love watching STOMP. They combine dance and ordinary objects to make extraordinary music.

If you enjoy that , an ex-member of STOMP is doing lessons on youtube you could try: