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WB: 1st Feb

Good morning everybody!
Here is our music assembly learning for this week.

1. In our Ten Pieces work, we’ll be finding out who our new Composer of the month it.  
2. In our ‘Singing Assembly’ we have a singing session from Sing Up.

3. I have some Further Listening you might enjoy, including a surprise visit from Mr Taylor!

Ten Pieces:
Find out about our composer for this month; Gustav Holst.

Holst assembly 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Listen to this month's piece of music. It was written by the British composer Gustav Holst over a 100 years ago.
As you listen, think about the mood of the piece. What did Holst do with the instruments to create that mood?
Think about the timbre - how do those instruments sound? How are they being played?
Think about the dynamics - is it quiet, or is it loud, or does it change? 

Think about the texture - how many instruments can you hear playing?
Is it a rice, thick or a thin sound?
You could try moving to the music. Try and match your movements to what you can hear. What kind of movements do you make? What about the music is making you move like that?

February listening -.mp3

Singing Assembly
Join in with this singing session from Sing Up. In it you will start learning to sing Great Day. This is such a fun, uplifting song to sing, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

#FeelgoodFifteen with Sing Up_ led by Sharon Durant.mp4

Still image for this video
We have been learning Great Day in our school Virtual Choir. We have been adding signs to go with the words. Here they are in a video for you to try at home:

Great Day - the signs.mp4

Still image for this video
This is how the children in school are learning this song. They are learning some body percussion to go with it. Another day, you might like to try that too.

Great day with body percussion.mp4

Still image for this video
Try adding your own body percussion to Great Day:

Great day.mp3

Remember, if you’d like to join the school Virtual Choir and learn more parts of this song, you can ask our teacher for the google classroom code.

Further listening
In our assemblies this week, we’ll be thinking about solving problems and not giving up. I have ere, a musician who didn’t give up, even when life got very tough for her.

Manani Ito is an extraordinary, Japanese-born violinist. Aged 20, Manani tragically lost her right arm in a car accident and was convinced her days as a violinist were over. After surgery, she went to collect her prosthetic arm at a facility and noticed that other people with similar disabilities were using their artificial limbs to play sports, such as basketball. Spurred on, Manani spent hours practising her instrument with her prosthetic arm and developed a unique new way of playing.

Manami Ito.mp4

Still image for this video

Also in Assemblies this week we’ll be thinking ahead to Chinese New Year which takes place next Friday.
This video shows a special Chinese New Year concert held to celebrate the 2 week long festival. Look and listen to the Chinese instruments. What do you notice about the instruments? How are they being played? How do they sound? How are they same or different from the instruments we play in British orchestras?

Chinese New Year Concert.mp4

Still image for this video
And finally ...
Here is Mr Taylor, one of our Musician's in Residence, to tell us all about how sound is made.

Mr Taylor teaches us about how instruments make sounds - .mp4

Still image for this video