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Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page.

While we are closed, we'll be sending out daily challenges on Tapestry so watch out for those. Each day we'll set Reading, Writing, Maths challenges and another activity linked to our Topic to do.  If you like, you can send in a photograph or a comment to show us how you got on.
The activities that we suggest each week are just suggestions. This is not school, and it is not home schooling, it is doing your best during a pandemic. If there are other activities that fit better round your family circumstances, with siblings, or your child has other interests, that’s fine – we would love to hear about those too.
You can also find daily online lessons at the Oak National Academy:

Click on a week below to see the full timetable of activities for that week.
Underneath that are some other ideas of things you can be doing at home and useful resources. 

In English, we are learning and practising the skills to read and write simple words and sentences.

The most important thing you can do to support your child’s reading, is to read to them. Read them all sorts of books and stories, talk about them and share a love of reading. Lots of authors are also reading their stories online which are fun to watch and the Michael Rosen youtube channel is always a delight:

Oxford Owl have created a free online library of books your children can read including RWI books. We recommend you choose books at a similar level to the ones your children were bringing home from school. At school we practise rereading books over several days to improve reading fluency. We look for good pace, expression and understanding before moving on to a new book.

We recommend children practice their sounds everyday.
The RWI team are delivering daily lessons on youtube. These lessons are just the same as the ones we teach at school so it’s a fantastic way to keep up pace and progress.
We have uploaded a speed sounds chart and some sounds flashcards you can print out which you can find in the resources at  the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can cut up an old cereal box into squares and write a sound on each one. You can practise going through them or use them to play games such as snap.

At home you can practice writing for all sorts of purposes - shopping lists, labels, postcards, messages etc.  Support your child to leave finger spaces between their words and use a full stop at the end of their sentences.
We would like children to do some daily handwriting practice which is something we do at school. We would like children to practise a letter each day concentrating on forming it carefully and neatly. Each letter has a phrase to help with correct formation and at school we remind the children of these as they write their letters. Oxford Owl has a worksheet you can download and print for each sound, or you can just practise on paper:
Twinkl also have some free handwriting worksheets including:

In maths we are making sure we can securely count objects to 10, recognise numerals and to find the total number in two groups by counting. We will be practicing counting to 20 and back each day.
At home you can support this by practising counting in all parts of your daily life - count the stairs up to bed, count out the cutlery when laying the table, count the baths toys etc. and looking out for numbers.

With our home activities this half term we will be exploring numerical patterns - learning about sharing, doubles and halves and odd and even numbers. We will also be measuring length, height, distance, weight and capacity.

We’ll be setting daily activities but there are lots more activities you can try at White Rose. Their activities are all set around a book and have lots of suggestions on supporting your child’s learning through maths talk.

Some other online activities that will support learning are:
Numberblocks videos on youtube:  
Online games at ict games:

The topic this half term is ‘Pirates and Seaside’. We will be looking at stories about pirates and the seaside and making lots of pirate inspired props including a pirate ship! We will also be singing songs related to our topic and thinking about the change in weather as the season changes.

The woodland trust have all sorts of lovely resources and activities to get the most out of nature walks:

* You might like to do some P.E with The Body Coach Joe Wicks at 9am each morning live on YouTube.
Or for something a little gentler, try Cosmic Kids Yoga.

* Keep fingers strong and nimble with daily Dough Disco workouts. You can find them on youtube on the ‘Spread a little happiness tv’ channel.

* Singing and music ideas for each week can be found at the bottom of our home learning page:

* Our little engineers might enjoy some of these challenges:
Or some origami: