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While we are  closed, there are lots of things you can do to keep your child learning. We'll be sending out daily challenges on Tapestry so watch out for those. Each day we'll set Reading, Writing, Maths challenges and another activity to do.  If you like, you can send in a photograph or a comment to show us how you got on.
For help with how to do this, watch this tutorial:

Click on a week below to see the full timetable of activities for that week.
Underneath that are some other ideas of things you can be doing at home.

In maths we are making sure we can securely count objects to 10,  recognise numerals and to find the total number in two groups by counting.
At home you can support this by practising counting in all parts of your daily life - count the stairs up to bed, count out the cutlery when laying the table, count the baths toys etc.  and looking out for numbers.

Some online activities that will support learning are:
Numberblocks videos on youtube: 
Online games at ict games:

In English we are learning and practising the skills to read and write simple words and sentences.

At home you can support this by practising the sounds, practising segmenting and blending and reading simple words and sentences.  The most important thing you can do with child though, is read to them. Read them all sorts of books and stories, talk about them and share a love of reading. 
We recommend children practice their sounds everyday, so to support you with this we have uploaded a speed sounds chart and some sounds flashcards you can print out. Alternatively you can cut up an old cereal box into squares and write a sound on each one. 

At home you can practice writing for all sorts of purposes - shopping lists, labels, postcards, messages etc.

Some online activities that will support learning are:
Ruth Miskin parent videos (to help you support your child): 
Online games:

Understanding the World
This is a lovely time for you to go out and observe nature and talk about the changes we can see.
At home you can be growing and caring for plants and getting outside to spot the first signs of Spring.

Find out together how to care for plants:

The woodland trust have all sorts of lovely resources and activities to get the most out of nature walks:

Twinkl  are currently giving parents free access to some of their resources:

Oxford Reading  Owl have ideas, ebooks and activities:

Keep  active with Go noodle:

BBC Resources: