Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Outdoor learning

We play inside and out, every day, whatever the weather. We have an outdoor area where children can play and learn that the children access freely during Continuous Provision time.

Children can learn and experience many things in the outdoor environment and being outdoors helps them to establish a healthy and active lifestyle. It offers children opportunities to use their bodies physically by engaging in activity with freedom of movement. This will help them to become confident in their abilities and support those children who learn best when outdoors or through activity and movement.

Children will learn to run, climb, pedal, balance, throw, dig, grow, nurture, investigate, explore, discover, invent, experiment, talk, interact, make friends, create, construct, make music, express themselves, hide, relax, imagine, dream, reflect, have responsibility, be independent, collaborate, be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy, tell stories, find patterns, make marks and take risks. They will experience changes in the weather, nature and those who live in it such as mini beasts and animals. They will be more informed about the seasonal changes that occur and how nature affects the environment.


Our outdoor area includes a mud patch, so it is important that children have wellies and waterproofs at school everyday.