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Online Learning

Drake Primary School

Covid-19 Online Provision update: October 2020

If school is closed because of Covid-19, all teaching and learning will move online on day 3 of the closure.

(Please note that the online provision is not for use by pupils who are absent from school for any other reason and not for pupils who are unwell.)

Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will use Google Classroom and the pupils have their own nsix email address and login. They will already have logged into the classroom at school.

Years R and 1 will use Tapestry.

All teachers will be at school during any lockdown measures in normal school hours to teach keyworker and vulnerable pupils in person as well as taking turns in year group teams teaching, setting work and marking online.

Teachers will teach the Drake curriculum as normally as possible. We will continue to pursue our mission, vision and aims and promote a curriculum of joy and curiosity whatever the circumstances!

Google Classroom for Years 2-6

Pupils will access:

  • A suggested weekly timetable of activities
  • A mixture of live (on Google Meet) and recorded lessons from class teachers
  • Links to teaching videos and online content from the government’s Oak Academy learning platform as well as other websites (BBC Bitesize, etc)
  • Online learning activities for children to complete independently
  • Online learning activities for children to complete with some support from a family member
  • Suggestions of activities for families to do together
  • Special days and activities, assemblies and events (Sports Day, etc)

Tapestry for Years R & 1

As above but all activities will be accessed through Tapestry posts and links.

Online access

Please contact the school office if you are unable to offer your child access to the online provision so that we can plan to provide you with support in the event of any closure or self-isolation.

We would like to thank all parents for the fantastic support you have provided pupils with their online learning over the last few weeks. We are grateful for the lovely feedback we have received:


“I want you to know that all your help and support and the work the teachers have set doesn’t go unnoticed.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your help. I appreciate it more then you will know.”

“Thank you so much for your kind words, I can’t tell you how much they mean to us at the moment.”

“I appreciate these are very difficult times so thank you for everything you and all of the staff are having to do, I can’t imagine that it’s been easy.”