Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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‘effective early mathematics teaching strategies are playful, not formal, so that all children become cheerful, not fearful mathematicians.’
Gifford, S. (2018)


In Reception, we will be following the White Rose Maths Scheme which is a mastery approach to maths. It has been designed to give teachers support in delivering short adult-led sessions, group activities and games that support the development of early number strategies. Alongside this, children are given opportunities to follow their own interests through play, supported by our EYFS practitioners with a good understanding of how to move children forward in their learning and foster a lifelong love of maths.

In Autumn, the small steps focus on numbers to 5 but the children will get to use and experiment with larger numbers as well. Large numbers excite small children as they have an air of mystery about them. They see larger numbers all around them in everyday life and this is brought into the classroom through the numbers used in displays and role-play situations that mirror real life. Although the WRM Reception schemes focus on deepening understanding and build the number sense of smaller numbers, children will also have the opportunity to discuss and experiment with larger numbers so they understand them in context without yet having to understand their composition.

We will also use Number blocks in our maths.