Drake Primary School and Little Pirates Child Care

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Longitudinal Studies

Over the course of the year, each year group completes a longitudinal study. This gives the children opportunity to apply their 'working scientifically' skills and observe changes over time.


The children gather evidence, take accurate measurements, analyse data and draw conclusions. 


Reception are using their senses to explore the seasonal changes that take place around them throughout the year. They learn how these changes affect plants and animals. 
Link to EYFS framework learning area: Understanding the world


Year 1

How does our school environment change over the four seasons?
Year 1 are observing and describing the weather and looking for signs of changing seasons. 
Link to Science Curriculum: Seasonal Changes


Year 2

Which animals live in and around the school grounds through the seasons?
Year 2 are investigating which animals live within the different areas of Drake Primary and Fairfields. 
Link to Science Curriculum: Living things and their habitats

Year 3

How does shadow length change throughout the year?
Year 3 are making use of a range of equipment to take accurate measurements of shadows, in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. 
Link to Science Curriculum: Light


Year 4

How does the rate of evaporation change with temperature? 
Year 4 are investigating how different temperatures affect the rate of evaporation of a liquid. 
Link to Science Curriculum: States of matter


Year 5

What’s in the sky at night? (+ Phases of the moon)
Year 5 will make use of first hand and photographic evidence to analyse the phases of the moon, light pollution, star charts and constellation change. Year 5 will research how the night sky changes over Thetford throughout the year. 
Link to Science Curriculum: Earth and space


Year 6

Measuring ourselves: Do we grow over the year?
Year 6 are measuring their height, arm length, hand span and foot length. At the end of year, they will compare their individual growth to the growth of the class. 
Link to Science Curriculum: Animals including humans / Evolution and inheritance