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King Blogs

Here are some of our blog posts we have written as part of our online learning. There are a range of different styles which have been developed using an informal writing style.






Last term, we learnt about ‘Blood Heart’, which was all about the parts of the heart and how it functions; and also about how the blood travels. We had a lady from the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, she came in and talked to us about the different bits of the heart, the variety of diseases your heart can get, how to prevent  those diseases; she even told us about her own hospital experiences! In addition, we did writing about pulses and heart rates. 



In English, we wrote a story about exploring through the human heart! We looked at features of narrative language, made an anti-smoking poster; wrote about heart rates, and talked about how Valentine's Day occurred, as well as slang language and informal writing. 



For Science, we did experiments with our heart rates by measuring our pulses in 15 seconds, multiplying that by 4, put it on a class table, then got put in groups, and did activities to see how our pulses changed (It was fun!). We also looked at circuits and electricity. 



In PSHE, we looked at friendships (and what can go wrong in them), teamwork, budgeting, family and friend trees and blogs. 



For Maths, we did ratio and proportion and for most of last week we did angles in triangles. 


In Art, we learned about Henry Matisse and created art in his style. We also did through the window art, red abstract art and made pictures from outside sources (also very fun).


This term, we will be learning about ‘Tomorrow’s World’ which is about technology and spies (Personally, I’m really excited for the spy pieces of work). So far we’ve been doing work on technology through time and the history of computers. I also enjoyed the story writing about travelling through the heart; and I found the history of computers interesting too.


Well, that’s it for now, thanks for reading! 

Alice :) 

Class blog


Hello Everyone, 

While in Year 6 this year, we have done many fun and interesting lessons. Generally including experimenting with different materials, writing in new styles of narratives, poems, and tenses we have never tried before. 


During school, we wrote narratives about Antarctica as that was our topic at the time. Mine was about a boy called George who has to complete his father's mission to sail across the vast ocean to save his mother in Antarctica. 


Also in school, we took a trip to Gressenhall to learn all about WW2. While we were there we made chocolate truffles out of mashed potatoes and cocoa powder ( and yes they did taste very delicious). Also, we trained  to join the home guard, using huge sticks. Using the huge sticks we hit hanging bags, (that was the enemy) we pretended they were Nazi troops, and we tried to beat them.


Thank you for listening to my weekly blog, 


Lex xx

Year 6 blog


What has been exciting this year?


I have found a lot of stuff exciting this year but most of all was  learning all about Antarctica and the Arctic . Although I have to say by far my favourite book we read as a class was the book ‘’Sky Song’’ all about the Antarctic.


One of the other things that has made this year fun is learning about the heart and one of the main reasons for that is real cardiologists came in and taught us who know all about the heart. We read the book ‘’The Pig Heart Boy’’. However I shortly found out after the first week that I didn't really like the book that much.


Another of the things that I have found the most fun is going to London with most of my friends and performing like in the Royal Albert Hall in front of thousands of people and seeing all of the other performances too. It was opportunity that I thought would never come round again so I took it and had the time of my life, but we did get back to school at around one in the morning. Regardless of most of us falling asleep during the long ride back to school we still had lots of fun.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how much have I enjoyed this year?


This year has definitely been a ten so far and I really hope it stays that way until September when we go up to high school.





King Class Blog



In year 6,we have been doing many topics including Mexico and the polar regions although my favorite topic was WW2 because it was interesting to learn about how the world changed just because someone wanted to take over the world. 



When we were learning about WW2, we went to Gressenhall Farm where we got to go to an Anderson shelter and the man sang an old song that they used to sing when they were  in the shelters to keep them happy. When we were outside we heard the air raid siren it was really loud and I was stupid enough to not put my fingers in my ears.


Then we went to the fields. We picked potatoes and put them in baskets. My feet got really muddy and when I got home and got in the shower the water was brown because of all the mud that got into my shoes. 


My favourite part of the day was when we ate the chocolate truffles. The secret ingredient was potatoes. It was yummy but other people thought they were disgusting.


Forest schools 


At school, we do forest schools. It is where you get to go out in the morning or the afternoon. I really enjoy it because I like rolling down the hill in the barrel and sometimes we do competitions to see who can roll the furthest. You don't have to if you don't want to, we also like making mud pie and making dens for us to play in. 

The funniest bits of Year 6!!!


The funniest bits were when someone tries to tell a joke but it all goes wrong because nobody laughs and it's all silent and then someone breaks the silence and it makes everyone laugh. 

These are some of my highlights of this year.


Bye for now