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Excellence at Drake

Music excellence at Drake 

Drake has a high quality music curriculum
* Teachers are confident and supported to deliver a high quality curriculum. This is taught in weekly or fortnightly music lessons, though there are other daily music experiences such as singing, responding to music and listening to performances.
* The music curriculum is exciting, engaging, fully covers the NC requirements and has clear progression from FS to Year 6.
* Teachers understand the progression in music skills and are able to confidently track the progress of their pupils and effectively plan their next steps.

* Music is embedded in the curriculum. It is used to enhance teaching of other subjects in addition to being taught as a stand-alone subject. 

Music has a high profile at Drake
* Children and staff are positive about music and singing.
* Staff recognise the important role that music plays in children’s academic and social development and in improving the ethos of the school.
* Music is visible on newsletters / website / school displays / in classrooms. 

* The school share in listening and performing opportunities together and these opportunities are celebrated.

All children will learn to play a musical instrument at Drake
* All KS2 pupils are taught to play a musical instrument (regardless of talent or parental income) by a specialist instrumental teacher and have the opportunity to continue with tuition beyond the classroom.
* Year 2 children learn to play the recorder and glockenspiels are taught from Y1 upwards. 

* Pupils have the opportunity to join choirs, ensembles and bands at Drake.
* Pupils who play music out of school are encouraged to contribute within school.

All Drake pupils regularly perform to an audience
* Pupils have termly opportunities to perform to an audience within the school setting and the wider community.
* Pupils perform with children from other schools and musicians.
* There are opportunities for pupils to perform at larger occasions.


Everyone sings at Drake
* Singing is part of everyday life at Drake. Children enjoy singing and teachers are supported to include singing in their day to day teaching.
* High quality singing is taught in separate key stage assemblies and teachers are supported to follow up in the classroom.
* Choirs are open to all children and held in school time so anyone can attend.


Drake provides aspirational and inspirational musical experiences
* Pupils experience and have regular planned opportunities to respond thoughtfully to a range of high quality musical performances and experiences – live and recorded. These are planned to be inspirational and aspirational.
* Teachers are supported to make the most of listening opportunities.
* As a school, children experience a range of famous pieces from across the musical periods through the year and have opportunities to find out more about the composers.
* Children have opportunities to see live musical performances in assemblies, workshops, projects, external concerts and by visiting music teachers. 

Drake uses digital technology to enhance music opportunities
* Digital technology is used alongside traditional instruments for composing and performing.
* Our curriculum includes units of work that focus on using ipads to compose and create music.