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Eco Council 2020-21

Eco Schools Silver Award!

Eco-Council were gifted some seed balls from Anglian Water! We have planted the seed balls, which will grow into wildflower pollinator friendly plants.

Eco-Council have been busy planting potatoes in our school allotment.

Our aim for this term is: to increase the biodiversity (plants, animals, mini beasts and birds) that grow and visit our school and our gardens. Eco-Council made bird feeders to attract birds into our school garden.

Eco-Council have been busy planting trees in Sir Frederick's Wood. They planted field maples, rowans and beech trees.

How to have a greener Christmas.

Year 1, 2 and 3 have been thinking about ways to look after our world.

Eco-Schools Bronze Award!

Welcome 2020-21 Eco-Councillors!

Welcome to the Eco-Council!


We all know we should be caring for our planet, but it's not always possible to do BIG things. We need to start in our own homes and in our own school. Our Eco-Council is a way we can start to care for our local environment.


One pupil from each class was elected to be an Eco-Councillor.  At out first meeting we discussed why this work is so important and this is what they said:


"I want to help the environment. I’ve been caring about animals and nature. Picking up junk in the forest to make sure the environment stays healthy." 

"I like gardening and being out in nature and watching birds, plus listening to their song."

"I would like to look after our school."

"I want to be on the Eco-Council because I want to protect animals from extinction."

"I love the world."

"I like going to Forest School and enjoying nature. Nature needs protecting."

"I want to help the planet, stop litter and put an end to plastic in the oceans."

"I would like to do something to help wildlife."