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ASD Specialist Resource Base (SRB)

Specialist Resource Base - SRB


The SRB programme overview and further information about SRB’s can be found at:


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Bases


‘The Autistic Spectrum Disorder Bases form part of the Specialist Resource Base (SRB) programme of additionally commissioned services funded by the local authority and delivered by Norfolk schools for learners with a high level special educational needs who are educated in mainstream schools. 

ASD bases offer long term provision only. They are specialist in nature and are accessed via county admissions processes, with the local authority retaining the placement decision-making responsibility’ (NCC)


Information about ASD Bases can be found at:


The above link contains further information on ASD Bases including:


  • Key Aim of the Service: ‘To provide high quality, long-term inclusive education for learners with ASD across the age-range appropriate to the school’
  • Where are the ASD Bases and what service is provided?
  • What is the ASD pupil profile?
  • What is the referral process?
  • What happens next?
  • Where can I go to for further information?

ASD SRB at Drake Primary School


The ASD SRB at Drake Primary School is currently under development. 


The building work including refurbishment of existing classrooms is due to start in October 2021.  The 16 place ASD SRB should be ready to open in mid to late 2022.


The vision of the ASD SRB at Drake Primary School:


  • To be an integral part of an outstanding school and a centre of excellence for autistic children and children on the autism spectrum who, with support, can access opportunities in Primary mainstream education.
  • To be a base where autistic children and children on the autism spectrum are supported to learn strategies to overcome their lifelong, neuro developmental disability.  Focusing on communicating and interacting with and relating to others, and experiencing the diverse, real world around them.
  • To be an inspirational beacon of inclusion and equity.   


The ASD SRB aims to provide:


  • a base where learning is developmental and visible and children are nurtured and safeguarded
  • a rigorous assessment system to ensure pupils are in the right place at the right time so that no pupil falls behind
  • a learning community where pupils, families and staff collaborate to refine practice, e.g. sharing ASD friendly approaches and coping strategies,  and develop positive and rewarding relationships
  • a workplace where staff contribute to professional learning communities


So the mission of the ASD SRB is:


To give pupils strategies to:


  • access their mainstream class, as much as possible, and inspire their future aspirations
  • access a curriculum of joy and curiosity, and develop their communication and interaction skills by building on their engagement skills in exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation and developing their attention and concentration  
  • cope with social, emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety e.g. by developing self-regulation
  • participate in physical and sensory activities and develop their happiness, health and well-being through play
  • participate in cognition and learning activities, develop reading for pleasure and participation in the arts


At Present (September 2021):


The 16 place ASD SRB will not be open until 2022.  


Currently the ASD SRB is going through a transition phase and will be relocated in 2022.


At the moment...


The ASD SRB is called ‘Grandin’ Class, named after Mary Temple Grandin, Dr Grandin is an American professor, author and autism spokesperson.  Dr Grandin is an autistic adult.


  • The ASD SRB caters for pupils ranging from Year 2 to Year 6.
  • All of the pupils have SEND and predominantly a diagnosis of Autism or ASD and related conditions (80%) or are under assessment/investigation.
  • 80% of the pupils have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).
  • 60% of the pupils have English as an Additional Language (EAL).
  • 40% of the pupils are disadvantaged/eligible for Pupil Premium (PP).


  • The ASD SRB provides a calm and quiet space with routines, structures and visual supports that enable the pupils to attend to and concentrate on their learning and make progress towards their short term One Page Profile targets and/or their EHCP outcomes.


  • The ASD SRB focuses on supporting the inclusion of the pupils in their mainstream classes for as much time as possible - currently 40% of the pupils access part of their education and learning in the mainstream.


  • Within the ASD SRB the pupils are supported by a class teacher, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and a Teaching Assistant.  Andrew Severn is the qualified teacher in charge of the ASD SRB.  He has 19 years of teaching experience with over 6 years’ experience in teaching and leading in local mainstream schools and over 5 years’ experience teaching and leading in local complex/special educational needs schools.  He has also worked as an Advisor for NCC’s Virtual School SEND.  All the ASD SRB staff have experience, are trained in or are actively engaged in continued professional development (CPD) related to working with pupils with ASD. 


  • The approaches taken in the ASD SRB depend upon the individual pupils and their needs.   Pupils may require a certain approach or a mixture of strategies to support their learning.


  • Through collaboration with pupils, families, and teachers and other professionals, rigorous assessment and approaches will be adapted to meet the needs of pupils.


Various interventions and strategies are used to:

  • engage pupils
  • improve and increase attention
  • develop self-regulation
  • encourage interaction
  • increase communication
  • develop vocabulary


In the ASD SRB we:

  • have a flexible approach to teaching and adapt teaching, assessment and feedback to meet the needs of individuals
  • focus on individual’s interests and skills
  • celebrate difference, diversity and being special
  • strategically promote inclusion and support integration into the mainstream school 


Each pupil is:

  • included in mainstream school lessons and events, as much as possible and as much as their individual needs allow
  • supported throughout the school day as needed including supervision during breaks and lunchtimes
  • supported through close liaison between home and school where parents and carers are closely involved in planning and reviewing their children’s learning


Each pupil has access to:

  • a bespoke learning support package and a full-time individualised timetable in line with the mainstream school day
  • a calm, quiet environment and space which is just for members of the ASD SRB, divided as necessary into work stations, small group areas etc.
  • resources and equipment to enable them to access and achieve in their learning and development e.g. visual supports
  • specialist support from professionals including Educational Psychologists


The Future (2022):


  • The ASD SRB at Drake Primary School will have 16 places for autistic children or children on the autism spectrum and be divided into 2 groups of 8 pupils:
  • ‘Grandin’, named after Temple Grandin, Dr Grandin is an American professor, author and autism spokesperson.  Dr Grandin is an autistic adult.
  • ‘Tajiri’, named after Satoshi Tajiri, the Japanese video game designer and the creator of Pokemon.  Tajiri has Asperger’s Syndrome.


  • The ASD SRB pupils will be assessed using the Autism Education Trust (AET) Progression Framework and the National Curriculum and be working at least on the Pre Key Stage Standards and not on the Engagement Model.  Pupils may also be assessed on the Norfolk Assessment Pathway (NAP).


  • The ASD SRB pupils will be supported by 2 teachers, a HLTA and 3 TA’s.  Andrew Severn will be the SRB lead/teacher in charge and oversees the CPD and deployment of staff.

Grandin Classroom

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The Grandin Class Page can be found at: