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Abi Elphinstone

Abi grew up in Scotland where weekends were spent building dens in the woods, jumping into icy rivers, hiding in tree houses and running wild across highland glens. School came as a bit of a surprise (lots of ‘being inside’ and ‘listening’) but English lessons were great. She loved stories – reading them, writing them, listening to them – and it was back then that she discovered worlds behind wardrobes, teachers called Trunchbull and shape-shifting daemons...


Abi got through school, despite being branded as ‘unteachable’ and ‘prone to spasmodic outbursts of silliness’ by my headmistress, and after an English degree at Bristol University and several years as an English teacher in Africa, Berkshire and London, She is now back to hiding in tree houses and building dens – sometimes in real life, mostly in her books.  


When Abi’s not writing, she travels the world looking for her next story, working as a volunteer for a charity called Beanstalk,  and as a patron for the brilliant Grimm & Co.

Books written by Abi Elphinstone