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Today the children were given some text about a famous figure from the Roman era. From the description they had to draw what they felt the woman would look like and then guess who it might be. Who do you think she is?

Continuing with our topic on Romans the children were tasked to see if they could make a mosaic, using whatever they had at home. Either in a Roman theme or something relating to supporting the NHS in the current situation. Here are just a few of the great creations.

Can you draw and label a Roman Soldier? Year 4 researched what a Roman Soldier would wear and what weapons they would carry and then had a go a drawing them.

Friday 24th April Reading Challenge - Can you edit yourself onto your favourite book cover?

To continue celebrating our Roman learning, here are some fantastic pictures of Roman architect and landmarks that our Year 4 have created

This week we have launched our Romans, I am Warrior topic, and in maths we have been looking at Roman Numerals. One of our first activities was to devise silly sentences to remember the order of Roman numerals used for the numbers 1,5,10,50,100,500,1000. These are represented by the letters I, V, X, L, C, D and M. The children had great fun coming up with imaginative and extremely silly sentences. Below are just a few of them.


If Voldermort’s X-ray Looks Cloudy Don't Meddle.


In Vera’s X-ray Little Children Don’t Measure 


In Vain Xena Likes Cleaning Door Mats


I Value Xylophones, Lovely Calming Delightful Music.


If Victorious X-men Leave, Cyclops Drives Madly


I Vote X-men Live Cinema Display Motion


I Vanish Xylophones Like Conjurors Do Magic

Before Easter Year 4's writing task was to produce a story about Laurence the Legoman. They were given a picture stimulus of Laurence and his crashed helicopter, along with the opening few sentences and off they went. After lots of planning and editing loads of fantastic stories were produced. Attached are a few examples of the stories. Enjoy.

Today's home learning task was to make artwork using certain 2D shapes. Here are some of the creative pictures and patterns Year 4 came up with.

West Stow Trip - We have had a wonderful, sunny day learning all about life for local Anglo-Saxons.

Erikson and Maathai class have a very exciting and busy year ahead! 


We have wonderful topics to look forward to such as 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' or 'The Blue Abyss'. We are also very excited about our residential trip to Kingswood in March where we will learn resilience, confidence and team-building skills through an action packed three days. 


If you have and questions or would like to volunteer to help at any of our trips or forest school days, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.  

Maathai's first Forest School session

The Water Cycle - We have been learning about the water cycle. In science we have had a go at making a representation of the water cycle in a bag.